MusicLounge: DLNA Server

# STEP17

# OPTIONAL: Install a DLNA server (browse and stream the music very easily with your Upnp music player client )

# MiniDLNA Project:

# Install DLNA server type:

  1. $ sudo apt install minidlna

# Edit configuration the server:

  1. $ sudo nano /etc/minidlna.conf


# CTRL+O to save
# CTRL+X to exit

  1. $ sudo systemctl restart minidlna

# That's it! you can now browse the music library with your Upnp music player like BubbleUpnp

# to check the status of the DLNA server open your net browser and type the ip address of the Raspberry followed by the dedicated port 8200:
# http://192.168.x.x:8200