Update MPD Database


# STEP14


# Congrats! MPD is installed and running!

# First Steps With Music Player Daemon

# it’s now time to update the tag db of MPD, we are using the client this time (mpc):
# type the following cmds to update the MPD database

  1. $ mpc update

# check the status to see if the update is done type:

  1. $ mpc status

# “Updating DB …” shouldn’t be in the status result (can take a while be patient, 1500 albums/19000 songs is about 10mn to be updated)

# loop with

  1. $ mpc status

# until the DB is updated


# STEP15


  1. $ mpc status

# play songs to check if everything is OKAY! 😉

# follow instructions to install myMPD and open your internet browser and type the hostname (musiclounge) or IP address of your MusicLounge server to use myMPD Web Client
# http://musiclounge:8080 or http://192.168.x.x:8080

# or download our dedicated DroidMyMPD app for Android and start browsing your library and play your favorite song,

# Also, you can install a MPD client on your phone / tablet like MALP for Android ( https://gitlab.com/gateship-one/malp )
# select the correct ALSA audio output
# and to browse your library and enjoy your music!

Click the button NEXT below to continue with optional features like:

# – add a WEB Client to browse/play music from firefox, chrome, safari, edge, …
# – add IR remote control management
# – add DLNA (upnp) server/renderer
# – add Spotify connect
# – add Airplay renderer
# – Roon server/bridge

Browse your music library with MPD client