Linux Audio Distro Foundation

Linux Audio Distribution (AKA MusicLounge Distro)

Linux Audio (Distro) Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to linux audio since 2003, our software give you a full control of your audio system, a full immersion and an authentic musical experience with more than 150 devices supported. All our projects are funded by donations or self-financed with equity and we’re all volunteers.

The main project of the foundation is to provide a comprehensive instructions to create your own audiophile server (a ready to use linux distro are also available for your convenience). Also, we are developing free tools to control your HIFI installation (Android apps are available to remote controlling ROTEL and MICHI amp/pre-amp from your couch).

Manufacturer of audio products contact us if you’re interested to send usb dac for a review with linux audio server.

Happy user want to make a donation to help our foundation, send your Paypal donation to foundation at linuxaudiofoundation dot org (or click the button below). Contact us for more info.

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