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MusicLounge Audiophile Server Powered By Linux

This is the right place to get a comprehensive instructions to create your own ‘headless’ AUDIOphile Server, Based on DEBIAN, UBUNTU, ARMBIAN for arm64 and amd64 (Raspberry PI 4, Odroid C4, Intel NUC, Gigabyte Brix or any barebone PC) using USB DAC.

distribution image disk (MusicLounge) are available for download

2 free Android apps to remote control with your smartphone / tablet your ROTEL and MICHI HIFI Amp / Pre-Amp audiophile equipment are available for download.

DroidMyMPD a free Android app is available for download since 2023 to browse and play you music on MusicLounge Audiophile Server from your smartphone or tablet.


PCM, MQA and DSD high quality audio stream using MPD (Music Player Daemon) server through your usb DAC and hi-fi configuration,
DSD512 DoP and Native support
MPD (Music Player Daemon integrated)
DLNA (upnp) server (stream music from audio server to your pc/laptop/mobile/tablet using a upnp music player),
Upnp Renderer (listen music on your audio system from local or Quobuz or Tidal source using MusicLounge renderer)
Spotify Connect (listen music from Spotify app using your DAC)
Airplay Renderer (listen music using your DAC from any Apple devices)
Roon Server (managing your entire music library with Roon Players)
Squeezelite player (squeezebox emulation, listen music using your DAC from Logitech media server or other LMS players)
IR Remote control management

This ‘MusicLounge’ audiophile server was initially our working base to experiment DSD rendering with several reliable sources and audiophile hardware also, lately to understand the diff./issue between the standard DAC versus MQA version, intended to fix problems with different firmware version using XMOS XU216 or XU208 usb bridge, it’s also our daily used audio server with a high-end DAC + PI 4 + stereo power-amp + speakers (Focal) hifi configuration.

We’re happy to share this project with you cause it was fun to build and trust us even if you have $10000 to spend on a ready to use audio hardware it’s cool to build it by yourself and get a maximum control on the software behind your audio/hifi configuration.

Hope you enjoy reading, building and obviously listening!

IMPORTANT: MusicLounge Image Disk are available for download

if you don’t care about building your own audio server, those topics are not for you! Grab our img disk from our repository and enjoy!

Audio Lab Team
Linux Audio Foundation