IP Of The Server


# get the IP of your audio server

# This is your first boot!
# but before building your audio server you need the IP assigned by your router (integrated dhcp server ) to your device

# in case of error or no IP found, check the DHCP vs Static IP tutorial to
# configure correctly your network interface and go back to this page, here

# try to ping the server (ping musiclounge),
# open terminal or commands prompt and type:

# if the command return an IP v6 address add the param -4 like

c:\>ping musiclounge -4

# you can scan your NETWORK to get the IP address of your audio server if needed
# from any tools or router settings or whatever, internet is your friend
# tools like those ones:

# from linux

  1. $ nmap -sP 192.168.x.x/24

# from macos (type “brew install nmap” if cmd not found)

  1. $ nmap -sP 192.168.x.x/24

# from windows cmd prompt
# C:\Windows\System32>arp -a

# double check by using ping cmd:
# ping 192.168.x.x

# or if you have keyboard/monitor connected to your rPI, login and type:

  1. $ ifconfig

# eth0 entry should contain the IP address

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