Topping D90 Standard Without MQA

Topping D90 (STANDARD No MQA)

USB BridgeXMOS XU208

YES, best for Linux audio server, breathtaking audio results, reliable, rich features, native DSD, clean and quiet during PCM<>DSD change, no trigger 12v, remote control unresponsive at 2m due to IR sensor misplaced (this can be easily modded), basic and limited remote control and unfortunately this version with AKM is no longer available


AK4499 Full Balanced DAC

High Quality Chips

AK4499 is AKM’s flagship model. With current output architecture and 4-channel design. The D90 parallels the channels of the AK4499 in pairs for better performance.

High-Resolution Music

With the support of AK4499 and XMOS. D90 can support 32bit768kHz and DSD512 resolutions, and the data magnitude and resolution are far beyond CD and SACD. Customized German Thesycon driver(Win7 and higher).

Bluetooth 5.0 Tech

D90 is equipped with CSR8675 chip, supports Bluetooth 5.0 well, supports LDAC/AAC/SBC/APTX/APTX LL/APTX HD and other audio encoding.24bit96kHz HD transmission can be achieved under LDAC encoding.(If you don’t need Bluetooth input, you can turn it off in the menu.)

Input Interface

AES,USB,OPT,COAX,IIS,Bluetooth input. Among them, USB, IIS support 32bit/768k DSD512 input; AES,OPT,COAX support 24bit/192k input,BT supports 24bit/96k input under LDAC; IIS input can be set in the machine, compatible with most IIS signals on the market using HDMI transmission.

AK4118 Receiver

It is currently the lowest jitter S/PDF receiver with good compatibility. It is used for D90 OPT, COAX, and AES receivers, all supporting up to 24bit/192kHz.

Bluetooth 5.0
DAC AK4499
AK4418 Chips CPLD LDAC
DSD512 PCM 32Bit/768kHz USB/AES/IIS/OPT/COAX/BT HiFi Hi-Res Audio Desktop Decoder with Remote Control

Optional Output:Because the D90 has a fully balanced structure,it is compatible with both balanced and single-ended outputs.You can choose any one output,the other is closed,or both.It is especially convenient when used with other devices.

Switchable Global Voltage:AC 100-120V 50/60Hz uses 115V,AC 220-240V 50/60Hz uses 230V.

DAC Flter Mode:D90 provides 6 different PCM filter modes to choose from, there is always one for you.

Bluetooth Decoder Application:Connect your mobile phone,tablet,and laptop’s Bluetooth to D90,and D90 will become your BT decoder.If your device supports LDAC transmission,you will get better sound effects.

Technical Parameters
USB IN:44.1kHz-768kHz/16-32bit,DSD64-DSD512 (Native),DSD64-DSD256(Dop)
IIS IN:44.1kHz-768kHz/16-32bit,DSD64-DSD512
COAX/OPT/AES IN:44.1kHz-192kHz/16-24bit

Analog output
Total Harmonic Distortion@ A-wt

SNR@A-wt,Dynamic Range@ A-wt:123dB@1kHz

Frequency response

Output amplitude:2Vrms@0dBFS

Noise floor@ A-wt:<1.5uVrms
Channel crosstalk:-127dB@1kHz

Total Harmonic Distortion@A-wt

SNR@A-wt,Dynamic Range@A-wt:127dB@1kHz

Frequency response

Output amplitude:4Vrms@0dBFS

Noise floor@A-wt:<2.5uVrms
Channel crosstalk:-141dB@1kHz