MusicLounge: Introduction



# A minimum knowledge in shell/bash (typing commands on a terminal using a SSH session with putty for example) is required.
# Internet is your friend! the scope of this project is not to teach linux or how to create a bootable SDCARD from an image file or how to use a SSH session to manage your server wiressly or how to type a command in a shell. đŸ˜‰
# Simply read carefully instructions and double-check them before applying and everything will be fine.

# the MusicLounge Audiophile Server is reliable and daily used since a while now (more than a decade) and works flawlessly.

# the storage must be already done (see previous post if not ready)

# insert the SD card or USB stick inside the device (Raspberry PI 4, NUC, Ordroid C4, …)

# connect the device to your LAN network using the Ethernet cable (NOT WIFI)

# connect your USB cable from your USB DAC to the device
# (Connecting the usb dac to a powered usb hub maybe required)

# connect your power supply (3A minimum for rPI4 – linear regulated if possible)

# Boot your device!

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